Trucking Accident Lawyer Baltimore MD

For decades, our experienced trucking accident lawyer Baltimore MD drivers depend on has been helping clients get monetary compensation for injuries sustained in a collision. Cohen and Cohen, P.C. is well versed in the complex laws encompassing truck accidents. Guided by a willful determination to pursue justice and hold those responsible for their careless actions, our lawyers are prepared to diligently fight for what’s right. If you have been in a collision with a large truck, you may want to consult a trucking accident lawyer in Baltimore MD now.

Why Retain a Lawyer after Being in an Accident with a Truck

Any accident which involves tractor-trailers, construction equipment, garbage trucks, cement trucks, gas tankers, or other multi-wheeled commercial vehicles can be catastrophic. The large loads of such mammoth trucks can cause a significant impact, leading to life threatening injuries or fatalities. Regardless of the circumstances or extent of injuries, when you’ve been in an unexpected collision, monetary compensation might be available. By contacting a trucking accident lawyer Baltimore MD motorists can count on, your claim might cover costs associated with medical care, lost wages, and other accumulated expenses.

What a Baltimore Trucking Accident Lawyer Might Do For You

Cohen and Cohen, P.C. understands the tremendous amount of pain and suffering you may be going through. The physical injuries coupled with the stream of emotions that might come and go can be exhausting. It is our goal to ease your distress and get you the justice you deserve. As a trucking accident lawyer Baltimore MD respects, we might assist you in the following ways:

  • Advise you of your legal options
  • Initiate the legal process in a timely manner
  • Gather all available evidence
  • Communicate with insurance companies and medical professionals
  • Organize medical care based on a lien
  • Utilize the services of detectives or expert witnesses
  • Calculate your losses to determine a fair settlement value
  • Defend you in a trial if negotiations are unsuccessful

Even if you are unsure about whether or not your claim is pursuable, you should contact a trucking accident lawyer Baltimore MD offers. Cohen and Cohen, P.C. offers a free consultation for anyone who wishes to know more about their legal options.

How Your Claim Could Be Proven in A Court of Law

It is the job of your trucking accident lawyer Baltimore MD turns to for legal counsel to perform a calculated, in-depth investigation of your claim. This detailed examination may determine the cause of the accident and help you to receive maximum compensation for your injuries. Because there are statutes of limitations, the sooner you reach out to a lawyer, the better. A lawyer will need time to review potential pieces of evidence such as:

  • Truck logbooks
  • Black box data
  • Dash cam data
  • GPS data
  • Other electronic recording data
  • Surveillance footage
  • Delivery details
  • Inspection of the truck
  • Inspection of the scene
  • A review of any previous damage or repairs
  • Examination of relevant licenses, certification, and driving experience

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You deserve to be fairly compensated for the physical, emotional, mental, and financial losses incurred from an accident. To speak with a trucking accident lawyer Baltimore MD trusts, please call Cohen and Cohen, P.C. now at (202) 759-3885.