Slip and Fall Lawyer Baltimore MD

Recovering Damages after a Slip and Fall Accident

Choose Cohen and Cohen, P.C. when you need an experienced slip and fall lawyer Baltimore MD offers. Our attorneys understand the stress and frustration that injury victims feel after an avoidable accident. Our legal team works hard for our clients so that they may receive the maximum compensation for their injuries.

A Cohen and Cohen, P.C. slip and fall lawyer in Baltimore MD may guide you through the process of obtaining a settlement for your injuries. If necessary, your Cohen and Cohen, P.C. Baltimore MD slip and fall lawyer may pursue litigation against any parties liable for your injury.

Determining Liability

One of the first responsibilities of a slip and fall lawyer Baltimore MD provides is to establish who is liable for the accident. Typically, in slip and fall accidents, the liable party is the property owner where the accident occurred. Sometimes it may also be the property manager. It’s their responsibility to create and maintain safe conditions for anyone who uses that property for any legal reason. If your attorney can prove that they failed to do this, they may be held legally responsible for paying your medical costs and other damages.

Common Slip and Fall Circumstances

A slip and fall accident can happen almost anywhere. Many are simply accidents and no party, other than the injured person, can be held responsible. However, if the accident happened because the property owner or manager didn’t fix a known hazardous condition, that might be different. A slip and fall lawyer Baltimore MD residents hire in similar circumstances may determine you have a case. A careful investigation of the accident would likely be necessary.

Here are some common slip and fall scenarios that may result in a settlement:

  • Dim or non-existent lighting in areas that are heavily trafficked, resulting in poor vision for pedestrians. As a result, pedestrians may trip over an object or twist their ankle in a pothole. This is common in parking lots but poorly lit hallways in apartment buildings can also cause a resident to fall down a staircase.
  • Inadequate or damaged fencing surrounding a swimming pool. Pavement surrounding the pool may become slippery from pool water or from precipitation. If the injured victim does not fall onto the pavement, they could fall into the pool. Both scenarios could cause catastrophic injuries.
  • Broken sidewalks. Any sidewalk is susceptible to damage over time, especially in areas of snow and extreme temperatures. However, this is why property owners should be vigilant about making sure that a sidewalk is safe for pedestrians. Chips, cracks, missing sections, ice, water, and other hazards are common but potentially deadly. A slip and fall lawyer Baltimore MD pedestrians turn to for justice from Cohen and Cohen, P.C. may help you.

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