Product Defect Lawyer Baltimore MD Trusts

Cohen and Cohen, P.C. law firm provides the kind of licensed and experienced product defect lawyer Baltimore MD is long familiar with. When you use a faulty product, unexpected injuries, medical bills, and emotional distress could arise. Committed to protecting the rights of consumers, we are ready to listen to your story about being harmed by a defective product. For a free consultation with a Baltimore product defect lawyer, please call Cohen and Cohen, P.C. now.

Understanding the Basics of Product Defects
When you reach out to a product defect lawyer Baltimore MD can provide, one of the first actions to be taken may be an investigation of your claim. Your lawyer may aim to determine the cause of the incident, and this could help to build a solid foundation for your case. In general, product defects occur from a manufacturing error, design flaw, or marketing mishap. To uncover the core reason of the defect, a product defect lawyer in Baltimore MD may ask the following questions:

  • Was the product inherently dangerous, or was poor design a factor in the defect?
  • Did the product undergo damage at some point during the manufacturing process?
  • Did the manufacturer or company fail to warn consumers of possible harm during use?
  • Were there any other underlying circumstances which could have contributed to the injury?
By understanding the answers to the aforementioned questions, a product defect lawyer Baltimore MD respects might be able to identify any and all negligent parties. With this information, Cohen and Cohen, P.C. may fight tooth and nail for the justice you deserve.

Compensation a Product Defect lawyer Baltimore MD Offers Can Pursue
Retailers and manufacturers are often the parties who are held negligent in product defect claims. Your lawyer may assess the physical, emotional, financial, and punitive damages that occurred from the defective product. The exact type of compensation and amount will be determined by your own claim’s circumstances. Although every case is unique, you may be able to recover general damages for:

  • Any past, present, or future medical bills associated with your injury
  • Lost wages from the inability to work
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional anguish
  • Funeral expenses (in the case of a wrongful death)
  • Punitive damages (when applicable)
Cohen and Cohen, P.C. does not promise specific settlement outcomes; however, we can discuss your legal options during a free consultation.

Cohen and Cohen, P.C.: A Product Defect Lawyer Baltimore MD Trusts
The lawyers at Cohen and Cohen, P.C. understand the trials and tribulations you’re going through. Guided by years of experience and a driven dedication to help people in need of an active legal voice, we are ready to provide our clients with exceptional counsel. Regardless of your injuries, it is your right to know what your legal options are. When you work with us, we may tell you what you can expect and answer all your questions in the most efficient way possible. To schedule a free consultation with a product defect lawyer Baltimore MD has to offer, please call (202) 759-3885.