Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Tip: Take Photos

As our experienced Washington DC motorcycle accident lawyers can attest, it is normal to feel shaken after your motorcycle, car or other vehicular accident. In the chaos of those following minutes, your mind is occupied by many things, making it difficult to accurately report details when filing a claim. It may be beneficial to take photographs of the accident scene, so you may accurately depict what occurred. Photographs give your Washington DC motorcycle accident lawyer the opportunity to important evidence to help prove you were not at fault as well as provide documentation so that the damage to your vehicle may be properly assessed. You can rest assured that your Washington DC motorcycle accident lawyer will use this information to fight for the  compensation to which you are entitled.

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According to Forbes magazine, the average driver reports being involved in an accident once every 17 years. It is advisable, therefore, to be prepared for such an occurrence even if you are a defensive and careful driver. If you are in an accident, it would serve you to document all damage, injuries and road conditions through photographs.

When an accident occurs, it is best to first assess your  physical state and the states of others  involved. If you can, see that anyone who needs medical attention receives it and contact the police if anyone is injured, or if  a car is unable to safely function. Drivers and motorcyclists involved in accidents are advised not to move their cars unless their current positions are blocking traffic and they are physically able to do so.

Denote Details:

Be sure to photograph any damage to property, including the vehicles involved as well as photographing  physical injury to the parties involved. It would also be wise to document road and weather conditions along with skid marks and the vehicles’ relative positions to each other.

Capture Photographs from Various Distances

Photograph the scene from various perspectives. This allows for a comprehensive view of the accident. Close images will allow you more detailed assessment of skid marks and signs of damage, while medium distance and farther distance (ten to fifteen feet away) can paint a clearer picture of the vehicles’ positioning and trajectory during the collision. These pictures will likely prove quite helpful if you enlist the service of a Washington DC car accident lawyer or Washington DC moto accident lawyer. The more photographic evidence you can provide, the better armed you will be in your fight for fair compensation.

External conditions

Again, it would be wise to document the weather conditions during your accident. Was it clear or foggy? Day or night? What about precipitation? Were there other environmental factors nearby, such as a dusty worksite, that may have affected your driving ability? Capturing images of your driving conditions can be especially helpful when explaining your claim.

When you attempt to settle a car insurance claim, photographs can be extremely useful in determining fault. Photo documentation can save you from undeserved penalties, and protect your license from suspension or revocation.

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