Motorcycle Accident Lawyer tip: Seek Medical Attention

As Washington DC motorcycle accident attorneys, our goal is to give you every advantage to recover fully. In the moments after a motorcycle accident, you may feel shaken and may not immediately know the best course of action. Although it can be difficult to think clearly at this time, the most important thing you can do for yourself is seek medical attention.This is for the benefit of your health, and also to assist your Washington DC motorcycle accident lawyer in advocating for you.

Even if you display only minor cuts and bruises, it is still advisable to receive a professional opinion about your medical state. In stressful situations,like a vehicle accident, adrenaline can mask the pain of a severe injury, and you may not feel the effects of your accident for some time. The longer you wait to seek professional help, the worse your physical injuries may become. Furthermore, If you do not treat your injuries in the immediate aftermath of an accident, it may prove difficult to link your injuries to the accident if you decide to consult with a Washington DC motorcycle accident lawyer to seek compensation. But, given the choice of not following up at all and following up later on injuries, it is better to follow up later than not at all. Some minor pain (and, naturally, major) after a motorcycle accident is normal. However, it should not be ignored. Many motorcycle accident victims will simply attempt to rest or self-treat, rather than see a medical professional about their pain. But, as mentioned earlier, these injuries can often become more severe as a result of the delay in treatment. For this reason, it is best to obtain medical assistance as soon asyou can after an accident.

It is also useful to document your motorcycle accident injuries with photographs. Use your camera phone or any camera available to you to capture swelling, bruises, cuts etc., at all stages of healing, from the initial injury to the resolution of those injuries. Furthermore, you may wish to keep notes of your doctor’s visits and medications, saving any and all bills and receipts. Gather as much evidence of your injury as you can. A Washington DC motorcycle accident lawyer can use this evidence to seek proper compensation for you.
Once you have received proper medical attention and gathered your evidence, it may be helpful to consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Washington DC. Even if you do not pursue a lawsuit, a Washington DC motorcycle accident lawyer can provide you with valuable insight throughout the insurance claims process. For a free consultation, contact the Washington DC motorcycle accident lawyers at Cohen & Cohen, PC.