You may wish to consult with a Washington DC motorcycle accident lawyer if someone’s careless actions on the road results in an accident to  you or a loved one. The DC metropolitan area has one of the highest rates of vehicular accidents in the United States and a motorcycle accident can be particularly catastrophic. The fact that motorcycles lack the protective framework of a car means that the injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident can have very devastating consequences. For this and other reasons, motorcycle owners may wish to research and identify an experienced Washington DC motorcycle accident attorney. The attorneys at Cohen & Cohen PC are seasoned DC motorcycle, car accident, and pedestrian accident lawyers in DC, and are ready to assist all those injured by another person’s negligence whether you are an automobile driver,passenger,motorcycle operator or pedestrian

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As motorcycle sales have increased over the past ten years, so too, naturally, has the number of motorcycles on the road. If you are a motorcycle driver, it would behoove you to know the unique risks you face when operating your bike. In addition to the dangers all drivers face, you are also at an increased risk for:

  • Biker’s arm (permanently paralyzed arm)
  • Broken limbs
  • Head Trauma/ Neurological damage
  • Permanent disability
  • Physical trauma
  • Soft tissue damage

While motorcycles may seem  more dangerous than other vehicles, motorcycle riders are some of the most cautious drivers on the road–it is believed that this is precisely because of the added danger. Because of this inherent danger, insurance companies create a negative bias against motorcycle owners by trying to portray motorcyclists as reckless risk takersIt is therefore essential that as a motorcycle user you hire a qualified and knowledgeable Washington DC motorcycle accident lawyer who will fight for you should you become injured in an accident.

Motorcycle accidents are not uncommon in the Washington DC metro area and frequently result in trauma, injury and often,death. An experienced Washington DC motorcycle accident lawyer can help you seek compensation for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and, help restore some peace of mind.

In the event of an accident, we encourage all involved to seek medical attention first and foremost. This will not only minimize the severity of your injuries, it will provide evidence for your Washington DC motorcycle lawyers as we fight for you.  We invite you to view our accident tips pages for more advice on coping with an accident.  If you or a loved one or has been injured in a motorcycle accident in the Washington DC area, you deserve quality legal representation. The motorcycle accident attorneys at Cohen & Cohen PC can offer you superior guidance and service through every step of the legal process. Contact Cohen & Cohen, PC today for a free case evaluation.

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